Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Flash Your Nokia Phone using PHOENIX

Here is the detailed guide to FLASH your Nokia phone at home 

Requirements :
* A PC with atleast 512 MB RAM
* Original Nokia Data Cable
* Flashing Software. (We will be using Phoenix)
NOTE : Eset NOD32 may detect the file as virus, but trust me its a clean file. Better disable NOD32 to download Phoenix.
Here is the result from VIRUSTOTAL :
* Nokia Firmware U can download firmware for your phone using NAVIFIRM. Download it from the attachment below. Or u can download firmware from :
Or download from here (Direct links) :
Or from this site :
Fetches the files from Nokia Servers just like Navifirm. U can download them using any download manager unlike Navifirm where the software itself downloads the files.

**Im skipping tutorial for changing product code. Phoenix changes your product code while flashing if you choose firmware of different product code. Anyway if you wanna change it manually, it can be done using NEMESIS SERVICE SUITE**
Okay, though it is recommended to uninstall NOKIA PC SUITE before installing Phoenix, but i did not uninstalled PC Suite. Its totally your choice whether to uninstall PC suite or not. Either way, just get PHOENIX installed !
Now install firmware if you downloaded it from BLUE-NOKIA. But if u used NAVIFIRM to download your firmware, go to :
Create a folder with name RM-XXX there. (Press *#0000# on your phone and check the RM-XXX. Make the folder with same name)
And paste those downloaded files from NAVIFIRM there.
Run PHOENIX. (Make sure to exit Nokia PC Suite before running Phoenix if u didnt uninstalled it.)
Connect your phone with PC.
Wait for the confirmation message from Windows that drivers are installed successfully.
Open Phoenix :

VOILA !!! Your Phone is flashed !!!

And just a disclaimer, any harm done to your phone while using this software will not be my responsibility. HAPPY FLASHING

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