Monday, June 6, 2011

EASILY Make Your Blog and Social Profiles GO Viral with Traffic Express

Social advertising has become a crucial need for people and companies. No matter whether you are a blogger, marketer, a big company or small business owner or entrepreneur, you once in a while need to go out and shout about your business.

Many people do this using a blog, or social profiles like Facebook pages, twitter accounts, YouTube videos, or even a professional profile on LinkedIn. This can become troublesome when you do not know anymore which one to focus on among those popular social networking websites. I recently stumbled upon a useful service which lets you promote all your social profiles and blogs in one place; be it a video, a Facebook page or a twitter account for free.

Moreover they take the action to publish your tweets, business pages, blogs, LinkedIn professional profile ( broadcasting your professional profile might get you leads or a job by the way) on a large number of media instantly. While using their service, you would make one tweet and broadcast on a large number of websites instantly and continuously. The thing I am talking about is TrafficEXPRESS.

If you are owning a blog, TrafficExpress would be an awesome tool for getting your blog viral and popular easily in just few days. It evaluates your initial traffic and provides you even more depending on the range of traffic you already have continually. This makes it fair for blog owners already having some good traffic to be given even more; everyone according to his initial and ongoing traffic volume.

There is a good solution for a newbie or fresh sites to get started easily. I found out their website provides the option to get you do follow backlinks in a viral way – naturally and automatically depending on your traffic.

All made for the user to focus on the content while leaving the traffic side to Traffic Express.

The best thing is that you do not have a limit in the number of views or clicks they can provide and it is FREE. Users decide to pay a very cheap price if and after they have been satisfied with the service. I found their customer service to be willing to help with any inquiries.
If you need to make money with your blog, Traffic Express has a referral program running that pays 20% of every purchase made by your referrals. This means it is actually possible to finance your blogging efforts by using the system even if you just started blogging. To make it short I will let you discover by yourself the details on the effectiveness of their program.

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