Monday, March 7, 2011

Rim Free Calling - GSM/CDMA

Note :- Try at Low balance only

Two Processes are Involved here - first is registering all the no's and second is free calling.

Free Registration Process :-
Step 1 : Call 563635 (tollfree) and press 1, to register.End the call after hearing confirmation.

Step 2 : Call Again @ 563635 and press 1 now hear and accordingly make ur Chat ID. Select status to be active when asked. Record ur profile (any thing) and note down ur Chat Id.

Step 3 : Now Repeat the same procedure as above for other no's (jis no. Pe register karna hai ussi no. Se call karna padega) at which u want to call free. Note down chat Id again.

Free Calling Process :-

Step 1 : Now call 563633 and press 1. Disconnect your call.

Step 2 : Call 563633p22p4p1p1p##p3 and enter the chat id of no. Whom u want to talk after beep. Reliance will connect this call And now talk unlimited. 

Now Every time u want to call to the registered no's use steps @ free calling process only. 

To register new no. use registration process.

Updates :-
1. Random Balance deduction during registration for users with +Ve balance. 

2. direct call to ur frnds id - Napster's Creation 

After following all steps, use this for direct calling 

just dial 563633p22p4p1p1p##p3 and then dial chat id after tone.

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