Thursday, January 6, 2011

Full Free M+NL 3G Internet

Hello Frendz,
For Mumbai :
Connect with following setting :-
APN :- mobiletv
Proxy :-
Port :- 9401
Works On both mobile and Pc.
Giving me Download speed of +60 KBPS.
No handler / no modded software required.

For Those who r not getting high speed ,
Try this proxy port :- 9401
but it needs dotproxy or backstring , check qazxsw bro's thread for more..
Or check this thread :-
Must Work @ Mumbai
For Delhi - with backstring
Connect with following setting :-
APN :- mimobitv
Proxy :-
Port :- 9401
Backstring - ?idd=
Use dotproxy for Pc & cheexy or handlers for mobile.
More info for dotproxy @ showthreads-27-0-2685663.htm
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