Monday, August 22, 2011

Some Awasome Tricks for Google plus

Some Tricks and tips on google plus

• You can click on profile pictures to rotate through them.

• In the stream, you can click ‘j’ to navigate down to the next item or ‘k’ to navigate up.

• If you’re sharing a post with a small circle of people, you can prevent re sharing. Click the arrow at the top-right of the post and choose “Disable re share.”

• If you’re looking for more fun things in your stream, the “Incoming” stream is stuff from people who are sharing with you, but who you haven’t added to a circle.

• To add formatting to your text, use the simple trick below. (*)bold(*): Add * before and after the message.
(_)italics(_): Add _ before and after the message. (-)strike-through(-): Add – before and after the message.
Google introduce some Good tricks through google Plus, Here are some of them:

• Add a + or @ signal to mention someone specifically in a post

• Share your post with Public or Circle/Circles only. You can even share a post with an individual by typing their name or email address

• Click on the Timestamp to get the permalink (web URL) of any post

• You can edit the uploaded photos by selecting ‘Action’ and ‘Edit Photo’

• Resize the Chat Box by dragging its corner or sides

• You can mute posts by selecting ‘Mute this post’ from ‘Options Menu’ on right side of the post

• You can also do – ‘Link to this Post’, ‘Report Abuse’, ‘Block this Person’ – from ‘Options Menu’

• You can do – Edit it, Delete it, Disable comment or Disable Re sharing a post – for your posts

• Share a post or check notifications on Google+ directly from within Gmail account without opening a separate webpage for Google+.

• Unlike Facebook, you can change your Profile appearance to specific person – Input your friends username, select Edit profile, make the alterations to your profile only for that friend
We Will Come More Tricks and Tips for Google, So Keep in Touch

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