Friday, January 28, 2011

Bsnl Pc Trick For N70,N73

Bsnl 3g trick: 
1.For n70,n73- 
It is similar to Old tricks,but there was problem that on 1st connection balance not deducted.So i modified it..So here is trick for free bsnl3g: 
Ok..First u sh'd have a 3g set(or n70,n73)and a 2g bsnl sim.3g sign shd be coming on ur phone(trick given in forum for getting 3g sig).Now make homepage in ur default browser with and apn-bsnlnet.Now check whether it is opening on pressing '0' key.Now trick starts: 
Go to settings>network>manual. 

It 'll show all the networks in ur area.Select 'india airtel'.It will show 'no access' >>then select 'cellone'.It 'll be selected and in 2 sec press'0' to open ur homepage in default browser.It 'll cut 0.01p of ur balance and ur 3g is hacked.Dont exit that browser and browse in other softwares like ucweb,opmini etc.If balance not deducted do the same procedure without exiting that browser and after pressing 0 reload the page.Now it 'll surely deduct 0.02 p.Thus ur 3g is free. 

2.For higher sets-for higher sets having umts and gsm option: first select gsm in network settings and browse any site through default browser.Then without exiting by clicking menu come out..And again go to network settings and select umts and open any site in default browser ,0.1p will deduct and now come out through menu key and browse in any other browser for absolutely free. 

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