Sunday, June 12, 2011

Using a VPN to beat Chinese Internet Censorship

With recent changes to how China blocks government sites which are more expatriates and the Chinese people in search of ways to get a VPN in China. In the past, not widely available and anonymous proxy unblocks popular sites that do not exist in China, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Blogger. But each year China's Great Firewall is getting stronger and blocks an increasing number of Western media sites in hopes of limiting the flow of information within and outside China. Although China claims that much of the block is intended to keep local businesses protected against the monopoly of Western giants like Skype and Gmail, it seems obvious (at least to see a Westerner) a large proportion of censorship Internet imposed by the government in an attempt to control the minds of Chinese citizens.

A VPN in China is the freedom of the Internet. Because anonymous proxy are currently blocked due to their lack of security and the fact that they are easily accessible to a VPN in China seems to be the only way to circumvent Internet censorship for those who seek to do so. Vpn companies are exploiting this fact, and many services that were once free are now charging at least a minimum monthly fee.

Even companies vpn at risk in China. In March 2011, was a major campaign to block VPN advertising companies in China. Some of the biggest names virtual private networks were blocked, including 12vpn, Strongvpn and WiTopia. Other companies like vpn ibVpn popular and Freedur VyprVPN, but not locked at the national level, have reported problems connecting to the user in various regions of the country. PPTP and L2TP for mobile devices have also been blocked, which means that only users with SSL / openvpn or protocols have been able to use their SSTP VPN to bypass Internet censorship.

The reason given is, of course, has not commented on the Chinese government, but recent political changes in Egypt and the role that Western social media sites Twitter and Facebook had played in these changes are probably what attracted the drive against VPN China.

Although most companies suffer from the block back in a couple of days, the future of VPN in China is still anybody guess. "There is still a government that is able to stop the SSL / OpenVPN Protocols" is representative of what a VPN, the company announced an e-mail me when I asked if it was possible that all the VPN would eventually be blocked in China. While this may be true, yet not so much with the government to lose the organization and the People's disgusting. World is watching China, and if they lose their position after Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook-ish antics, it would be a serious loss of face.

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