Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How to Enable Secure Facebook Browsing

Enable secure Facebook browsing over https for more Facebook security of your Facebook account. When you browse on public internet access areas like internet cafe, libraries etc, there is a huge risk your Facebook login details might be detected by illegal third party software, while your Facebook login passwords travel across a unsecured internet connections.

Facebook Secure Browsing
Facebook allows users to browse Facebook over asecure https connection, which will add added security to your Facebook account. The feature is not enabled by default, but you can change it in your Facebook settings easily.
Go to and visit the Account Security details. Look for the Secure browsing option – “Choose Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible”, tick the checkbox and

Next time you visit Facebook, look for the secure icon on the browser location bar and the https url instead of the http url.

Why doesn’t Facebook enable Secure browsing by default for all users? Well firstly the page loading speed is much slower over a secure connection. Secondly, not all Facebook apps will support secure https connections, so they will not work. 

So enable HTTPS in Facebook and get a more secure Facebook browsing experience today. Do it now. Remember if Your Facebook Got Hacked – its usually your fault!. Explain this to your Kids with this Facebook safety video

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