Saturday, May 28, 2011

Article Directory Submissions, do they work?

So, you’ve heard about em, wondered, tried them not sure. Article Directory Submissions. So what is it and how does it work and does it work

1) What is it

Its the process of writing useful content and submitting that content to other websites called article directories. These websites have content or ‘articles’ from many many other submitters. Some are crappy and let just about anything go and others are human edited. Some allow links, others do not. Some get indexed some do not.

2) So, how does it work. #1 See if the site has PR. Is it indexed? Do they allow any links to your site? Are they nofollowed?

3) Lets say you have good answers to these. So you write an article and post it to it. If its a good site it will get indexed quickly and you’ll get a link vote. How much value depends on the integrity of the article site.

Should you use them? Yes and No

Yes if its a fairly new site or a weak backlink strucutre. They are links and every link counts from good sites. How much it counts depends on the competitive nature of your industry.

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