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Sony Ericsson Xtreme Modding [Tutorial]

Hello frendz, Now i'm going to post a Tutorial, How to Customize (Like Changing Menu Icons, Fonts, Camera or Sound Driver) your Sony Ericsson A2 Phones (Sorry, Only A2 Phones. i'll post tutorial for other phones later, busy now. List of A2 Phones are Given below) OK, first Read Below before Starting
Is my phone A2?
These are all A2 phones as of 01-03-2010:
C Series: C510, C702, C901, C902, C903, C905
G Series: G502, G705
K Series: K630, K660, K850
T Series: T700, T707, T715
V Series: V640
W Series: W508, W595, W705, W715, W760, W890, W902, W910, W980, W995 Z Series: Z750, Z770, Z780
New SE phones: Jalou, Naite
My phone is not in this list!
Your phone is not compatible with A2 uploader, because it runs on a different platform. What do I need?
1. A2 uploader
With A2uploader you can now flash the phone with firmwares, customize your phone, de-brand your phone, add files to phone FS-FileSystem, upload flash menus and change menu icons and perform all customizations possible on the file system.
Important: Disable your Antivirus software before downloading. AV software recognises this as virus/trojan horse but this is a false alarm. This software is completely safe. bcz the_laser (cretor of a2 uploader) uses themidia encryption to prevent people stealing the sources and loaders of his A2uploader.

2. Some Menu Icons\Light effects\Camera-Display drivers, etc
You can download lots of Menu Icons and other stuff from Here (use Google Translate). To Staffs: I posted an external link. but its a russian site, to download firmware for sony ericsson handsets. i think its safe. if not then trash this thread

(Be sure to have the USB drivers installed, run ggsetup.exe that comes with the A2uploader archive (Download from Above Link))

Before we start your battery has to have enough power left, 80% or more. Customizing with a low battery percentage can kill your phone.
1. Start A2uploader and Click on File System Tool
2. Switch Off your Phone. Remove SIM Card and Memory Card. Re-insert battery.
Then Connect Phone by holding C Button (If the C is your On/Off button then try by holding 2+5 Buttons). Dont Release button until ur phone get detects by a2 uploader.

3. Wait for some Time for File System to intialize.
After it loads, you can navigate through the file system with your mouse.
4. Navigate to the location of your choice. (If you want to Change your Icons, Goto tpa\preset\system\menu)
To Upload Files, Just drag and drop files from your desktop or folder to A2uploader File System window.
5. Very imporant, after you finished uploading files to the phone FS you should click Shutdown FS Manager. Other wise all changes made will be lost.
After Click on "Shutdown FS Manager". Disconnect Phone, Re-Insert your battery, Put the SIM and M2 back to Phone. then start your phone.

1. Before Replacing any files. Right Click on the File and Select READ. It will be backup your Original file to ph_out folder. And Dont Delete any files from There. Im not Responsible If u are did anything wrong
2. With The File System Tool you can customize your phone in many ways. Here are a few examples.
New Custom Acoustics for better sound quality.
New Custom Camera Drivers for better picture quality.
Flash Menus, Very cool animated flash themes with animated menus.
Menu Icons. With custom Menu ML you can completely control every menu in the sony ericsson phone.

Directories where the appropriate files are to be uploaded:-
- Menu Icons: /tpa/preset/system/menu/
- Sound Drivers: /ifs/settings/acoustic/
- Camera Drivers: /ifs/settings/camera/
- Start-Up/Shut-down Images/Sounds: /tpa/preset/system/settings/
- Sound System: /tpa/preset/system/sound/
- Fonts: /tpa/preset/system/fonts/

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