Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bypass any blocked website without using a proxy!

Bypass any blocked website without using a proxy!

For some reason, some schools, colleges and even Governments. Choose to violate the right of access to information by blocking some websites. Thus, making you have to use slow proxies to bypass this not knowing that there is a better way around this and its not TOR/jap!

Go to command and type 'ping'
get the IP address, and copy it into your browser. Hit enter and you should now be surfing the allegedly blocked site.

But if your internet activity is being monitored by smart people that method isn't supposed to work. Smart run webfilters check domain names and ip addresses associated with the blocked domains, so inserting the IP in place of the domain really becomes pointless.

What now?

In this case you will have to convert the IP you obtained from above into binary octets (What IPs really are), then back to decimal format and then you can put that into the browser. No webcontent filter will stand between you and your block site this time round.

So check it out:
Follow these steps, using the example IP address of>calc>view>scientific

Verify that the calculator is in Decimal (dec should be selected).

Type in the first octet of the IP address (74) Convert the number to binary by clicking the bin radial button.

Write this number down. The calculator displays 1001010.
But Octets represent EIGHT digits.

The result from the calculator shows only seven digits. In order for this technique to work correctly enter each result in eight digits.

Pad the beginning of the number with zeroes until the octet has eight digits. This means you should write down 01001010

Switch the calculator back to Decimal. Clear the calculator display.

Repeat steps 1 through 6 for the remaining octets.

Your results should be:
99 (01100011)

Switch the calculator to binary.
Combine the results of your conversion into a single 32-bit number (01001010011111011001101101100011).

Notice, if you failed to pad the last number with a zero, the result would be only 31 bits, and the technique would fail.

Type this number into the calculator and convert it to decimal. This should give you a decimal result of 1249745763.


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