Wednesday, February 2, 2011

D¤C¤ mø CALL me tunes 4 lifetime.

TaTa dcm free call me First deact call me tunes if u act ct than dial 543211999 for 1 month subscription . Select one from given 2 songs. Than disconect. U r subscribe. After confirmation sms if u want to change SONG dial *678*020# and than reply with # for main menu. Select song that u want. .and enjoy free ct. . NOTE-FOR CHANGing Song ur balance not greater than 10 rs . I checked in gujarat and crack the number 4 gujarat and if u want to try first act by 543211999 and then dial *678*020# OR *678*030# for change song. Press # for its main menu. Its absolutly hacked number. Note its *678*020# not *678#blnce not deduct if get deduct call 121 and complaint.they have no detail of this activation there. So they refund ur amount.
543211995- 10 days subscription 
543211985-5 days subscription 
543211999-30 days subscription 
54321122-15 days subscription
For new arrivals song first unsubscribe to ct.
THEN dial 543211985 select the song u want and its free 4 five days.
But if u want it lifetime follow this steps
subscribe 4 the 5 days trial use it for 4 days then make ur blnce less than three rs and dont recharge till 10 days more than rs.10 then u r in suspended the 7th deact the call me,thats all. Ct not deactivate by any procedure . Thats,U have activate ur lifetime subscription to ct . .enjoynow recharge ur ac if u want.

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