Friday, September 3, 2010

Reliance Enemy's Balance Deduction and Self Balance Increment Trick(1000% tested)

Deduct your Enemy's Balance
Go to in place of xxxxxxxxxx put ur "enemy's" random plans gets activated on his/her mobile and his balance is deducted accordingly. "warning:it is only for educational purpose,dont misuse"
Get balance in your reliance GSM account as much as you can
1. Get A Reliance GSM having some positive balance. 2. Go to >>mobile net >>subscribe >>get subscribed to 5rs daily pack.......As a result your 5 rupees will get deducted...................... [ even if your balance is less than 5 your balance will get negative]. 3. Now after getting the confirmation message please dial 155223 and follow the IVRS instruction. 4. please give 2085 as the deactivation code 5. Repeat the step 4 as much as you can before getting the deactivation confirmation message 6. Now after getting deactivation message check ur balane by *367#. you will find that you have got Rs(no. of step5 performed by you X 5) in your account....................... Note : Please DO not activate or deactivate by anyother method otherwise the balance will not come back.......

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