Sunday, June 20, 2010

WordPress or Blogger - Which one is the best?

Wordpress-or-Blogger--confused? Are you confused with which blogging platform to choose to start your blogging career? The major blogging hosting platforms are no doubt Blogger and WordPress. Now to judge which one is better I have written a detailed comparison chart below that will be of great help in making a smart decision.
Note:- I am not an employee of either Blogger or WordPress. The below chart is solely my personal research.
WordPress VS Blogger Comparison Chart 2010. © GprsBay

Template Customization Offers Free Layout/Style Sheet Customization
No style sheet customization. Payment required
Tutorials/Help Innumerable Tutorials on Blogger Tricks Hardly some Blogger
Number of un-official Themes Innumerable Designers Creating Free Templates each day Few Designers Involved
in offering free templates
Coding Used Uses user friendly scripting and coding i.e HTML, XML, CSS Uses advance scripting like php that few can understand Blogger
Dashboard Interface Highly user friendly. Easy to navigate. Complicated Interface with hectic navigation Blogger
Default Template Collection Limited Collection Of Default templates mostly un-professional Over 70+ high quality Templates WordPress
Default Template can be replaced by a more free professional template No template change allowed Blogger
Widgets Innumerable Official and Un official Widgets available Limited Official widgets available. Rarely few un- official gadgets available. Blogger
Comments No commenting editing. Moderation allowed. No Spam protection. No user friendly comment form Comments can be edited and moderated. Spam protection available. User friendly comment form WordPress
SEO, Optimization Though Owned by Google, no favoritism. Manual optimization is required Owned by a private party. Meta Tags Plugins used. Easy To optimize Both
Blog Privacy You can limit access to your blog to 100 Authors and 100 readers. All must be Google account holders. You can limit access to your blog to 35 Wordpress account holders. Posts can be password protected or Private. Blogger
Comment restriction You can restrict comments to Google account holders, Open ID users or Any one (includes Anonymous) Comments can not be restricted. Anyone can comment Blogger
Blog Import Only from one BlogSpot blog to another A Blog can be imported from another WordPress blog or from Blogger, Yahoo! 360, LiveJournal and Movable Type and TypePad WordPress
Posts and Comment Notification Authors and subscribers can be notified of latest posts and comments via Email Same here Both
Comment Verification Asks users to verify if they are humans using a 4-6 digit code Does not asks for any verification.
More spam effected
Video Storage Limit Unlimited with Google Video and an upload limit of 16GB Just 3GB. More space on upgrade. Blogger
Image storage limit 1 Gigabyte With Picasa Web Albums 3 Gigabytes. More space can be gained through upgrade.
You can also upload .ppt, .doc, .odt and .pdf files
File type Storage Only allows image uploading Allows upload of files like .ppt, pdf .doc and .odt files.
More file types can be uploaded on upgrading.
Blog Stats Does not have any default stats system. But allows third party tracking scripts. Has a default visitor stats system that shows statistics for two days only and does not provide detailed stats reports.
Does not allow third party tracking scripts.
Blog co-partners 100 Google account holders can be added as Administrators or Authors 35 WordPress account holders can be added as Administrators, Editors, Authors or Contributors. Blogger
Advertisements Displays no advertisement of its own on your blog. Displays discreet AdSense advertisements on your blog for small percentage of the page views Blogger
Posts By Email Has a Mail-to-Blogger feature which turns any email account into a blog-posting application Posts can be published using emails Both
Post Feed On Mobile Phones Supported Not Supported Blogger


When choosing a blogging service three things are most important than anything else which are,
  1. Template Editing
  2. Huge Image Storage Capacity
  3. Huge Video Storage Capacity
Believe it or not Blogger has all these three features and is undoubtedly a blessing to millions of teenagers and people from other classes who can’t afford to pay online. The Template editing feature of Blogger is one of its best feature. Within a year of blogging a guy like me who didn’t even know what CSS, HTML, XML meant, is now playing with codes day and night. Blogger made my life meaningful and interesting and will surely be a blessing to you too. Blogger is surely the best free Blogging Service available in Blogosphere if equipped with a good web hosting service.

Which one do you think is the best?

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